Wear parts insert TIC material, 2-4 times lifetime, highly recommended!

Scrap shredder wearing parts

Sinco also manufacture wear-resistant castings parts for metal shredder and scrap metal recycling machine, these parts including grate bar, reject door, pin protect, shredder anvils and cap. These parts are complete product of custom designed. The material can be the manganese steel or alloy steel casting. The steel has the unique property in service of rapidly developing a work hardened surface whilst retaining its tough interior.

Sinco shredder wear parts feature:

  • Consistent high-quality performance and maximum economic value
  • Lowest cost-per-ton with unsurpassed reliability
  • The full spectrum of recycling wear parts including purpose-built castings, abrasion resistant plate and overlay products
  • Alloy options that fit any application and provide the maximum economic value

Grate bar:

Pin protector and cap:

Rejected door: