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QA/QC System

Sinco cooperate with material technology institution developing martensitic steel blow bar with ceramic insert material. As per our knowledge, the increase of metal material’s wear resistance (or hardness) usually accompanies with decrease of impact resistance (or toughness). Our martensitic steel blow bar can reach both in wear resistance and impact resistance. The hardness can reach to HRC50-55. With the ceramic insert material, the working life of hammer and blow bar are greatly extended.

Sinco provides blow bar for popular international-brand impact crusher as well as makes blow bar according to customer drawings. We are dedicated to make longer life blow bar and help customers low down their operation cost. Our blow bar are widely used in quarrying, recycling, mining, construction aggregate, cement industry with high reputation.

We don’t stop there, we follow up with our customers to know the feedback of our wearing parts. Then we can offer professional advise to help customers save their cost. For example, critical factors for jaw crusher wear parts are how long they last and how efficiently they crush the material. Jaw weight, tooth profile and proper fit are all important considerations for efficient crushing. Efficiency requires proper tooth design. Tooth profile can be determined for each crushing application with the help of our experienced service representatives.

With our experience, we have done research on how to improve the comprehensive performance of our wear resistant steel. We keep working hard on improving the quality of the product. The customer feedback is the motive force of our quality improvement.