Replacement Sandvik JM1312 Jaw Crusher Parts

Sinco machinery produces a comprehensive range of aftermarket spare parts to suit the Sandvik JM1312 Jaw Crusher. The parts include: main frame , liners, arm guard, main frame seat and liners, adjustment ring, spring, bowl and head, main shaft, wipe ring, locking nut, feed plate, gear, eccentric, eccentric bushing, counterweight, counter shaft, pinion ,etc.

Sandvik JM1312 Jaw Crusher Parts Include

Sandvik JM1312 Jaw Crusher Parts Catalogue
10-214-352-000LOWER SIDE LINER     13121312JM
10-214-351-000UPPER SIDE LINER     13121312JM
10-314-356-000WEDGE PLATE          13121312JM
400.0445-001STAT/SWING JAW PL WT(Z) M1 13121312JM
400.0447-001STAT JAW PL CORRUGATED M1 13121312JM
10-214-355-000WEDGE-SWING JAW      13121312JM
53-366-632-501SCREW TAPERED HEAD   13121312JM
53-466-616-000PROTECTION PLATE1312JM
53-267-239-000ECCENTRIC SHAFT      13121312JM
32-402-330-200SPACER, SWING JAW    13121312JM
32-402-330-100SEALPLATE, SWING JAW 13121312JM
32-402-396-700SPACER, INR LABYRINTH  13121312JM
32-402-419-900SEALPLATE, INNER    1312 *I-Note*1312JM
00-923-203-405SEAL V-RING D405 X 25 13121312JM
00-819-163-376ADAPTER SLEEVE AH3176H 13121312JM
32-402-396-900SPACER,OUTR LABYRINTH  13121312JM
00-819-121-168LOCKNUT-BEARING HM3168 13121312JM
400.0446-001SWING JAW PLT CORRUGATED M1 13121312JM
10-114-354-000DEFLECTOR PLATE      13121312JM
53-466-927-000WEDGE HEAD BOLT1312JM
10-314-500-000TOGGLE SEAT BLOCK    13121312JM
17-201-650-001TOGGLE SEAT1312JM
10-214-535-000TOGGLE PLATE 775  13121312JM
53-466-629-500TENSION ROD CLEVIS   13121312JM
53-466-415-002THREADED ROD         13121312JM
400.0450-001SPRING TENSION ROD1312JM
53-366-624-500MOVABLE SPRING PLATE 13121312JM
10-114-459-500LEFT BEARING HSG     13121312JM
53-167-007-500RIGHT BEARING HSG    13121312JM
53-466-623-000GUIDE BOLT BRG HSG   13121312JM