Wear parts insert TIC material, 2-4 times lifetime, highly recommended!

Replacement Nordberg GP500 Cone Crusher Parts

SINCO Machinery manufacture an extensive range of aftermarket crusher wear and spare parts to suit the Metso™ Nordberg™ range of GP500 cone crushers.

SINCO Machinery have developed an extensive range of manganese to suit the crushing chambers available for each model. Chambers available include:

EF – Extra Fine, F – Fine, M – Medium, C – Coarse, EC – Extra Coarse

All SINCO Machinery concaves and mantles are stocked in 14%, 18 and 22% grades of manganese with a chrome content of 2-3%.

SINCO Machinery stock a wide range of replacement parts for these machines, including main shafts, heads, bowls, upper and lower head bushes, concave wedges, feed cones, feed plates, mantle nuts, locking bolts, and filters.

All SINCO Machinery replacement parts to suit Nordberg™ Cone Crushers are manufactured and fully warranted by SINCO Machinery.

Nordberg GP500 Cone Crusher Parts Including:

Part NumberDescriPtionCrusher TypeWeight
186066CNTRSHFT G15GP500104.000
285852TOP BEARING E25/32/40 G1315GP50079.200
285869THRUST BRNG G1315GP50029.000
285888COVER GP500GP500198.000
287702VALVE ASSY VSD-350 G-15GP50010.000
287906NUT TR360X12-8H VASEN G415-G2215GP500110.580
292780LIFTING TOOL GP500/500SGP5005.300
312707PROTECTION BUSHING G1315GP50066.700
447025TORCH RING G2215&G1815GP5006.890
447672SCREW RMVNG M48X110 GP-SERIESGP5002.450
495277SEAL RING G1315 495277GP50013.000
495349TORCH RING GP500EF-MF & GP500SGP5006.400
495377O-RING 712X5,7-NBR70 VULCANIZEDGP5000.100
495378O-RING GP500/500SGP5000.100
495379O-RING GP500/500SGP5000.100
580006ECCENTRIC BRNG E25/32GP500144.310
582360COVER GP550GP500311.510
582395COVER GP550GP500125.460
582410COVER GP550GP50040.840
582421COVER GP550GP500112.650
585331SEAL B5 FLANGEGP5000.300
915050BOTTOM PLATE G5015GP5000.600
919737SENSOR EDS250-F-CA-I-LOKOMOGP5001.000
922788BEARING G15GP5002.600
939752ECCENTRIC SHAFT GP500GP500383.000
948430FRAME BUSHINGGP50088.000
7002154658COOLER 23KWGP5000.000
7002445751FILTER CARTRIDGE FD47M60GP5000.840
7002495300TEMP SENSOR 90 AGP5000.500
7010150000CHECK VALVEGP5000.000
703402102220O-RING SMS1586-319.30X5.70-NBR70GP5000.010
704103830000CAP SCRW HEXSCKTHD ISO4762-M20X70-8.8-A3GP5000.230
706300910000PISTON SEAL UN680X650X15 PU 90 SHGP5000.500
706302119000SHAFT SEAL B2SL 140-170-15 72NBR902GP5000.250
707200241200ELECTROLYT STARTER R200/315A 315KWGP500278.000
814318607800MANTLE MFGP5001,184.420
814318921300CONCAVE MFGP5001,587.310
949640456006SCREW M36X400 G1315 404560-FGP5003.500
949640484900SEAL RING G2614-SERIES 404849GP5000.780
N02123604NON-RETURN VALVE B192 1″1/2GP5000.700
N02154711GRD 8402.463.0000GP5001.500
N05428744SQUIRR CAGE MOTOR 5.5KW-230/400V-50HZ-1GP50037.000
N05502369FILTER CARTRIDGE 0211 3151GP5000.454
N11922661MANTLE SPECIAL MFGP500785.000
N11922662MANTLE SPECIAL MFGP500814.910
N44460462HYDR HOSE JF-20/EN853-1SN-20/90JF-20/L60GP5001.300
N44460463HYDR HOSE 90JF-20/EN853-1SN-20/90JF-20/LGP5001.400