Wear parts insert TIC material, 2-4 times lifetime, highly recommended!

Replacement Nordberg HP4 Cone Crusher Parts

SINCO Machinery manufacture an extensive range of aftermarket crusher wear and spare parts to suit the Metso™ Nordberg™ range of HP4 cone crushers.

SINCO Machinery have developed an extensive range of manganese to suit the crushing chambers available for each model. Chambers available include:

EF – Extra Fine, F – Fine, M – Medium, C – Coarse, EC – Extra Coarse

All SINCO Machinery concaves and mantles are stocked in 14%, 18 and 22% grades of manganese with a chrome content of 2-3%.

SINCO Machinery stock a wide range of replacement parts for these machines, including main shafts, heads, bowls, upper and lower head bushes, concave wedges, feed cones, feed plates, mantle nuts, locking bolts, and filters.

All SINCO Machinery replacement parts to suit Metso™ Nordberg HP4 Cone Crushers are manufactured and fully warranted by SINCO Machinery.

Metso HP4 BOWL LINER,PN 7055208504
Metso HP4 BOWL LINER,PN 7055208504
Metso HP 4 Cone Crusher Parts,PN 55309258
Metso HP 4 Cone Crusher Parts,PN 55309258

Nordberg HP4 Cone Crusher Parts Including:

Part Number Description Crusher Type Weight
7001624008 PLAIN WASHER ISO7093-1-8-200HV-UNPLTD HP4 0.010
7002019007 UNION ISO49-U12-1 1/4-ZN-A HP4 0.700
7002118081 CLAMP SX 14 137-157 HP4 0.050
7044453058 HYDR HOSE HP 9,5 L=536 HP4 0.500
MM0214352 PUMP P1BAN2015BA2012BA2004BL10B02N HP4 6.000
MM0214377 FAN CMA 325-2T HP4 11.000
MM0214487 BOLT HEX ISO4014-M36X320-12.9-UNPLTD HP4 3.200
MM0215055 ADAPTER 80BB/50BL HP4 0.340
MM0215378 SQUIRR CAGE MOTOR 0.25/0.29KW-50/60HZ-F HP4 5.800
MM0215747 CABLE SEAL A1000.06.30, M6X1,0 HP4 0.000
MM0215941 TIME RELAY RE9TA11MW HP4 0.110
MM0219485 NUT G4121008 HP4 0.002
MM0222179 SIGNAL LAMP XB4-BVB1 HP4 0.080
MM0230786 V-BELT PULLEY SPC 335X10/4545 HP4 76.000
MM0232709 PRESSURE SENSOR PN7001 HP4 0.295
MM0232805 V-BELT PULLEY MGT762 8VX10/125 HP4 170.000
MM0233278 PRESSURE SENSOR PN7002 HP4 0.500
MM0235240 ADAPTER 750114 HP4 0.014
MM0235327 RELAY G2R-1-SNDI-24VDC HP4 0.021
MM0235328 PUSH BUTTON ZB4-BP2 HP4 0.031
MM0235363 RELAY G2R-2-SNDI 24VDC HP4 0.021
MM0235366 RELAY G7S-4A2B-E, 24VDC HP4 0.065
MM0235369 RELAY BASE P7S-14F HP4 0.100
MM0235390 PUSH-BUTTON BODY ZB4-BZ102 HP4 0.053
MM0237700 PRESSURE SENSOR PN7001, 154BAR HP4 0.260
MM0251958 DISPLAY UNIT 6AV6643-0AA01-1AX0, SIMATI HP4 0.780
MM0253606 V-BELT 8V5000, RMA IP22 HP4 0.000
MM0271972 BUSHING 5050X95 HP4 15.000
MM0271997 PULLEY 8V 475X10 HP4 90.000
MM0272010 V-BELT SET 10X8V-2000 (5080MM) HP4 30.000
MM0273795 STARTER LUB 12 HP4 0.900
MM0276307 V-BELT PULLEY 8V 450X10 HP4 125.000
MM0276564 BUSHING 5050X110 HP4 15.000
MM0277171 V-BELT PULLEY 8V 500X10 HP4 180.000
MM0319933 BOLT HEX ISO4014-M42X340-12.9-UNPLTD HP4 4.800
MM0324601 V-BELT 8V5600 HP4 3.230
MM0352306 V-BELT 10X8V 5550MM HP4 3.100
N01563006 NUT HEX ISO4032-M6-8-A3A HP4 0.002
N02154589 ELECTRIC MOTOR 5.5/6.3KW-50/60HZ-1500/1 HP4 32.000
N02154769 RADIATOR 3147842 HP4 29.500
N02420142 ADAPTER 2062-24-24S HP4 0.900
N02420172 ADAPTER G2061-24-24S HP4 0.700
N02429070 PLUG 900598-24S HP4 0.517
N02445267 PRSSR ACCUMULATOR SB330-10A4/112US-262C HP4 31.500
N02445268 PRSSR ACCUMULATOR SBO-330-1E1/112US-330A HP4 4.000
N02445271 PRSSR ACCUMULATOR SB330-10A4/112US-262C HP4 31.500
N02480774 SQUIRR CAGE MOTOR 4P LS 132 S 7,5KW IM HP4 56.000
N02495125 PUSH BUTTON XB4-BP51 HP4 0.010
N02495222 DISPLAY UNIT 208.533 A1 HP4 1.000
N03234720 DTACHBL HUB PULLEY MGT 710-SPC-10 HP4 159.000
N05241062 CABLE GLAND 364-6974 HP4 0.050
N05241408 SHEATH PVC1056, BLACK HP4 0.090
N05255528 CABLE PLUG E10900 HP4 0.200
N05256374 SIGNAL LAMP XB4-BVB3 HP4 0.100
N05256375 SIGNAL LAMP XB4-BVB4 HP4 0.100
N05256376 SIGNAL LAMP XB4-BVB5 HP4 0.050
N05256385 PUSH-BUTTON BODY ZB4-BZ101 HP4 0.053
N05256386 CONTACT BLOCK ZBE102 HP4 0.011
N05256392 PUSH BUTTON ZB4-BP5 HP4 0.031
N10303505 ADAPTER HP4 0.400
N12010778 RING HP4 79.400
N12080203 TORCH RING HP4 5.300
N12080207 TORCH RING HP4 4.900
N12080210 TORCH RING HP4 5.600
N13308257 SHAFT HP4 559.000
N15605001 CNTRSHFT BUSHING HP4 10.400
N15652258 ECCENTRIC BUSHING HP4 53.000
N15656207 HEAD BUSHING HP4 89.000
N16200142 CNTRWGHT HP4 598.000
N21900310 MAIN FRAME LINER HP4 348.000
N22072103 CNTRWGHT LINER HP4 118.000
N22102505 ARM GRD HP4 49.300
N22102506 ARM GRD HP4 29.700
N22300507 DRILLED BLOCK HP4 11.800
N25450511 ELCTRC CABLE HP4 20.000
N27009555 SHIM HP4 8.700
N27095032 SHIM 3 MM HP4 2.800
N27095033 SHIM 1.5 MM HP4 1.400
N27095034 SHIM 0.8 MM HP4 0.700
N27095035 SHIM 0.5 MM HP4 0.500
N28000883 BELT GRD HP4 170.000
N28455763 SQUARE 35 LG.50 HP4 0.500
N29201812 DRILLED BLOCK HP4 50.000
N29550017 HYDR JACK HP4 6.000
N35410802 DRIVE GEAR HP4 113.500
N35912258 HOUSING HP4 22.600
N39608258 SOCKET HP4 98.200
N41003601 NUT SPHERICAL HP4 6.600
N41003602 NUT M80 HP4 4.800
N41068015 BOLT LOCK HP4 31.100
N43202032 CLAMPING FORK HP4 3.500
N43202036 CLAMPING FORK HP4 3.500
N43358015 ECCENTRIC HP4 338.000
N44453106 HYDR HOSE HP 9,5 L=555 HP4 0.500
N44453802 CAPILLARY LG.560 HP4 0.500
N44454521 HYDR HOSE 1″1/2 LG.693 HP4 3.700
N44454522 HYDR HOSE 1″1/2 LG.1160 HP4 5.200
N44454523 HYDR HOSE 1″1/2 LG.2355 HP4 8.200
N53000116 SEAL HP4 0.001
N53000117 SEAL HP4 0.700
N53001201 SEAL SET HP4 1.300
N53125502 GLAND RING HP4 0.500
N53125503 U-SEAL HP4 1.200
N53129002 GASKET HP4 1.800
N53160007 SEAL 40X40 LG.4200 HP4 0.200
N53160008 SEAL 40X40 LG.2525 HP4 0.200
N55209252 BOWL LINER F HP4 1,161.000
N55209253 BOWL LINER M HP4 1,060.000
N55209254 BOWL LINER EC HP4 949.000
N55209255 BOWL LINER EF HP4 1,052.000
N55309256 MANTLE EF HP4 1,000.000
N55309257 MANTLE F HP4 1,026.000
N55309258 MANTLE M HP4 967.000
N55309259 MANTLE C/EC HP4 939.000
N57500008 HYDR MOTOR HP4 80.000
N57500009 GASKET SET HP4 0.074
N63002402 PINION HP4 51.900
N73210503 SPRING HP4 0.100
N74006200 ROUND BAR HP4 1.900
N74007500 ROUND BAR STEEL HP4 1.500
N74100142 WASHER LOCK HP4 4.600
N74129018 THRUST BRNG LOW HP4 21.400
N74129020 THRUST BRNG UPR HP4 24.000
N74129030 THRUST BRNG UPR HP4 23.700
N74204508 WASHER HP4 0.700
N74209004 WASHER HP4 2.400
N80500548 TUBE SUPPORT HP4 131.000
N80500609 SUPPORT HP4 71.300
N85728252 CONICAL HOPPER HP4 385.300
N85728254 CONICAL HOPPER HP4 362.000
N86401759 HYDR HOSE 12/16 LG.660 HP4 0.870
N88010100 CYL ASSY HP4 184.500
N88100012 ROD ASSY HP4 55.600
N90008042 MAIN FRAME ASSY HP4 5,759.200
N90198381 COOLER ASSY HP4 120.800
N90198385 OIL COOLER HP4 74.000
N90288053 TOOL ASSY HP200-300 HP3-4 HP4 13.900
N90305303 PULLEY 10 GROOVES SECTION 8V DP 762 MM HP4 209.200
N98000001 HEAD ASSY HP4 1,610.000
N98000003 HEAD BUSHING SET HP4 89.000
N98000005 HEAD BALL SET HP4 75.500
N98000006 RING SET HP4 81.500
N98000008 FEED CONE HP4 18.000
N98000013 BOWL SET HP4 2,084.500
N98000014 ADJSTM CAP SET HP4 445.500
N98000015 SCREW SET HP4 9.500
N98000018 CNTRSHFT SET HP4 99.000
N98000020 PINION SET HP4 58.000
N98000021 OIL FLINGER SET HP4 15.500
N98000024 CNTRSHFT BUSH SET HP4 21.000
N98000025 CNTRWGHT HP4 582.000
N98000027 ECCENTRIC HP4 416.000
N98000028 THRUST BRNG UPR HP4 24.000
N98000029 GLUE + ACTIVATOR HP4 0.500
N98000030 DRIVE GEAR SET HP4 116.000
N98000031 GEAR SET HP4 174.000
N98000034 SEAL SET HP4 1.000
N98000035 ADJSTM RING ASSY HP4 2,192.000
N98000036 FLEXIBLE HOSE SET HP4 1.000
N98000037 SPACER TUBE SET HP4 1.800
N98000038 MAIN FRAME PIN SET HP4 7.000
N98000040 CLAMPING RING SET HP4 271.000
N98000046 GEAR MOTOR SET HP4 90.000
N98000048 CAM FOLLOWER SET HP4 2.000
N98000051 SOCKET SET HP4 99.000
N98000052 PULLEY SET HP4 172.000
N98000053 CYL SET HP4 204.700
N98000054 NUT SET HP4 11.500
N98000055 PROT BELLOW SET HP4 0.200
N98000056 MAIN FRAME PIN SET HP4 8.500
N98000058 PISTON SET HP4 56.500
N98000061 COLLAR SET HP4 1.000
N98000063 PRSSR ACCU SET HP4 31.500
N98000065 ADAPTER SET HP4 0.500
N98000067 MANIFOLD SET HP4 11.900
N98000068 FLEXIBLE HOSE SET HP4 2.800
N98000074 MANOMETER SET HP4 0.500
N98000077 PRESSURE SW HP4 1.000
N98000078 PRESSURE SNSR SET HP4 0.500
N98000079 TEMP. SENSOR SET HP4 0.500
N98000083 SEALING DEVICE SET HP4 72.500
N98000086 SHAFT SET HP4 560.000
N98000088 SUPPORT HP4 131.000
N98000089 THRUST BRNG SET HP4 27.000
N98000091 ARM GRD SET HP4 62.000
N98000092 ARM GRD SET HP4 49.500
N98000093 BUSHING SET HP4 2.000
N98000095 CONICAL HOPPER SET HP4 386.000
N98000096 SEAL HP4 0.500
N98000125 BLOWER SET HP4 12.000
N98000126 AIR FILTER SET HP4 1.500
N98000127 ELBOW SET HP4 2.000
N98000128 PIPE SET HP4 12.000
N98000129 PIPE SET HP4 6.500
N98000132 LIFTING PLATE SET HP4 30.500
N98000135 BOWL ASSY HP4 2,526.300
N98000173 BLOWER HP4 22.000
N98000175 MANIFOLD SET HP4 109.500
N98000183 MOTOR REDUCER SET HP4 81.000
N98000184 PINION SET HP4 0.500
N98000207 CNTRWGHT LINER SET HP4 145.500
N98000221 THRUST BRNG SET HP4 27.000
N98000224 THRST BRNG SET UPR HP4 24.000
ZX11163518 CNTRWGHT LINER 307B HP4 118.000
ZX11188275 SCREW KIT HP4 12.874