Wear parts insert TIC material, 2-4 times lifetime, highly recommended!

High-Quality Shanbao 1600 Series Cone Crusher Parts

When it comes to Shanbao 1600 Series Cone Crusher Parts, Sinco Machinery has been crushing the market for decades, which include Mantle, Bowl liner, Mainshaft bushing, Frame bushing, Socket Liner, Transmission shaft bushing, Upper thrust plate, Eccentric shaft, Pinion gear, Bever gear, Eccentric bushing, Transmission shaft assembly,Main shaft sleeve, Conehead, Pulley wheel and other parts. If you demand the peace of mind that comes with ISO 9001-certified, fully-guaranteed and warranted replacement parts for your Shanbao 1600 Series Cone Crusher, your search ends with Sinco Machinery – Your Replacement Shanbao 1600 Series Cone Crusher Parts SuperStore. Through our application-driven, site-specific engineering capabilities, our offering of replacement Shanbao 1600 Series Cone Crusher Parts of most any origin has gained acceptance and earned the confidence of aggregate and mining operations around the world.

We also stock a large number of Shanbao 1600 Series Cone Crusher Parts. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, an expert and friendly sales staff, and a full complement of 24/7 engineering support and technical services, MGS Foundry will help you achieve your production goals today and tomorrow.

Sinco Machinery offers following Shanbao 1600 Series Cone Crusher Parts

Cone crusher 1600
Part NumberPart DescriptionModel
K1320.1-10Upper bowl linerPYFB-1636 STD COARSE
K1320.1-7Bowl linerPYFB-1636 STD COARSE
K1323.1-1MantlePYFB-1636 STD COARSE
K1320.1-7Bowl linerPYFB-1627 STD
K1351.1-1MantlePYFB-1627 STD
K1320.1-7Bowl linerPYFB-1626 STD COARSE
K1320.1-1MantlePYFB-1626 STD COARSE
K1320.1-10Bowl linerPYFB-1624 STD
K1320.1-7MantlePYFB-1624 STD
K1321.1-1Bowl linerPYFB-1624 STD
K1320.1-10MantlePYFB-1620 STD FINE
K1320.1-7Bowl linerPYFB-1620 STD FINE
K1322.1-1MantlePYFB-1620 STD FINE
K1327.1-3Bowl linerPYFD-1614 SH FINE
K1327.1-1MantlePYFD-1614 SH FINE
K1327.1-3Bowl linerPYFD-1613 SH FINE
K1324.1-1MantlePYFD-1613 SH FINE
K1327.1-3Bowl linerPYFD-1608 SH FINE
K1325.1-1MantlePYFD-1608 SH FINE
K1327.1-3Bowl linerPYFD-1607 SH FINE
K1326.1-1MantlePYFD-1607 SH FINE
K1320.2-5Frame BushingPYFB1600     5 1/2
K1320.6-3Shaft BushingPYFB1600     5 1/2
K1320.7-2Socket LinerPYFB1600     5 1/2
K1320.5-4CounterShaft BushingPYFB1600     5 1/2
K1320.6-8Lower step PlatePYFB1600     5 1/2
K1320.3-3Frame Pin BushingPYFB1600     5 1/2