Wear parts insert TIC material, 2-4 times lifetime, highly recommended!

Replacement Trio CT2436 Jaw Crusher Parts

Sinco Machinery aftermarket Trio CT2436 crusher spare parts and wear parts are used by crusher operators worldwide and are often specified by many of the world’s most prestigious mining, quarrying, demolition and recycling operators together with several of the major original equipment manufacturers.The Sinco Machinery product range of mechanical spare parts for cone crushers is unrivalled.  Sinco Machinery also stock precision-machined China manufactured eccentric shafts, labyrinths, spacers and end covers for Trio CT2436 Jaw Crusher.

Sinco Offer Following Trio CT2436 Jaw Crusher Parts

Trio CT2436 Jaw Crusher Parts Catalogue
Part No. Part name
T6090-2 Fixed jaw die
T6090-3 Upper cheek plate
T6090-4 Bolt for cheek plate
T6090-5 Lower cheek plate
T6090-6 Swing jaw wedge
T6090-7 Wedge for swing jaw die
T6090-8 Pitman protection plate
T6090-9 Wedge for tension rod
T6090-15 Toggle plate
T6090-21 Buffer (Upper)
T6090-23 Spring
T6090-27 Tension rod
T6090-47 Toggle plate, short
T6090-14 Rubber dust apron
T6090-24 Rubber dust cover
T6090-51 Shim
T6090-52 Shim
T6090-6B Swing jaw die
T6090-9A Bolt for Swing jaw wedge
T6090-3L-R Upper cheek plate
T6090-5L-R Lower cheek plate
T6090.3A L R Wedge for fixed jaw die
T6090-1 Washer for Swing jaw wedge
T6090-7A-L Wedge for swing jaw die
T6090-7A-R Wedge for swing jaw die
T6090.3A Wedge For Fixed Jaw Die
T6090-12 Buffer (Lower)
T6090-15JC Toggle plate
T6090-53  Washer for fixed wedge bolt
T6090-29 Front Wedge for Discharge
T6090-30 GUIDER
T6090-32 Washer
T6090-33 GUIDER
T6090-35 Rear Wedge for Discharge
CT.APP Hydraulic Station
CT.APP Hydraulic Station
T6090-49B swingstock或 pitman
T6090-YYG/80/404+162 Hydraulic Cylinder
T6090-YYG/80/390+150 Hydraulic Cylinder
GB6170-zn/M42/GB8 Nut for tension rod
GB6170/M30/GB8 Nut for Swing jaw wedge
GB7244/30 Lock Washer for Swing jaw wedge
GB878 zn/Ø20X50 Screw pin Ø20X50
GB/T288/23152CA/W33C3 Pitman bearing
GB/T288/23148CAK/W33C3 Frame bearing