Wear parts insert TIC material, 2-4 times lifetime, highly recommended!

Replacement Trio TC51 Cone Crusher Parts

Sinco Machinery aftermarket Trio TC51 crusher spare parts and wear parts are used by crusher operators worldwide and are often specified by many of the world’s most prestigious mining, quarrying, demolition and recycling operators together with several of the major original equipment manufacturers.The Sinco Machinery product range of mechanical spare parts for cone crushers is unrivalled.  Sinco Machinery also stock precision-machined China manufactured eccentric shafts, labyrinths, spacers and end covers for TC51 cone crusher.

Sinco Offer Following TC51 Cone Crusher Parts

TC51 Cone Crusher Parts Catalogue
Part No.Part name
TC510 0000
TC510 1000Main frame assembly
5213 2133AMain frame
5213 2134Main frame welding
5213 2135Main frame base
5213 2136Main frame bushing
5213 2137Keyway
5213 2101AUpper flange
5213 2103ABushing
5213 2138Retaining plate
2213 2122AFrame Bushing
2213 2123Main Frame Cap
2213 2135Main Frame washer
2213 2138Arm liner
5213 2109Washer
5213 2154Pin
TC510 1500Countershaft assembly
2213 3901Washer
2213 3922Countershaft bushing
2213 3936Pinion
2213 3938Countershaft guard
2213 3945Countershaft bracket
2213 3947Key
2213 3948Key
2213 3963Oil collector
2213 3964Oil Flinger
2213 3965Plunger ring
2213 3966Wearing Plate
2213 3968Countershaft
5213 5611Large pulley
5213 5612Large taper bushing
TC510 2000Eccentric Assembly
2213 4122AMain shaft bushing
2213 4131Eccentric
2213 4136Gear
2213 4147Key
2213 4154Pin
2213 4157Upper Bearing Plate
2213 4158Lower Bearing Plate
2213 4170Shims
TC510 2500Socket  assembly
2213 4401Pin
2213 4448Socket liner
2213 4456Key
2213 4464Retaining Ring
2213 4473Bushing
S5213 4435Rubber hose
S5213 4463Socket seal ring
S5213 4473Socket
TC510 3000Adjustment Ring Assembly
TC510 3001Adjustment Ring
TC510 3002Lock ring
TC680 3103Lock cylinder
TC510 3004Spacer sleeve
TC510 3005Plate bracket
TC510 3006Elbow bracket
TC510 3007Rubber seal ring
TC510 3008Press Board
TC510 3010Adjustment Cap
TC510 3011Key
TC510 3020Gear ring bracket
TC510 3021Gear ring
TC510 3030Motor assembly
TC510 3040Motor bracket
TC510 3050Lower bracket dust seal ring
TC510 3055Rubber seal ring
TC510 3056Press Board
SA0632XPMotor cap
SA0633XPGear brush
SA0634XPGear brush bracket
SA0612-1Adjusting motor assembly
SA0815BPAdjusting pinion assembly
TC510 3500Safty block assembly
TC680 3610Safty block
TC680 3601Pin
TC680 3602Retaining Ring
TC680 3603Pin
TC510 4000U bolts
2213 1113U stud plate
2213 1114U stud plate
2213 1119U stud
2213 1156U stud lock plate
2213 1186U stud plate
TC510 5000Hydraulic system
GC300.7.1Hydraulic unit
TC510 5021Plug
5213 7800Lubricating assembly
2213 5881Steel plate
2213 5882Screw
2213 5883Screw ring
2213 5884Screw
TC512 1000Head assembly
S5213 4612BHead
5213 4668Main shaft
5213 1163Torch ring
5213 1173AMain Frame Cap
5213 1174Damping  plunger
TC512 2000Bowl assembly  STD
TC512 2010Bowl  STD
TC512 2011Bowl casting  STD
TC512 2011-ZBowl casting  STD
TC512 2012Flange ring
TC512 2013Thin  ring
TC512 2014Earboard
TC512 2020Cover & hopper
TC512 2030Rubber ring
TC512 2200Cavity shape layout
TC512 2100Cavity shape layout
TC512 2400Cavity shape layout
TC512 2300Cavity shape layout
2113 1148Bowl liner
2213 1150Mantle
2213 1148Bowl liner
5213 1105Fill block
2313 1148Bowl liner
5313 1105Fill block
2413 1148Bowl liner
5413 1105Fill block
TC515 1000Head assembly
5513 4642AHead
5513 1174Mantel sleeve
5513 1163Torch ring
5513 1173Main shaft cap
TC515 2000Bowl assembly
TC515 2010Bowl
TC515 2011Bowl casting
TC515 2011-ZBowl casting
TC515 2020Cover & hopper
TC515 5600Cavity shape layout
TC515 5500Cavity shape layout
TC515 5800Cavity shape layout
TC515 5700Cavity shape layout
5513 1148Bowl liner
5513 1150Mantle
5613 1148Bowl liner
5613 1150Mantle
5613 1150-1Guard
5713 1148Bowl liner
5813 1148Bowl liner
TC510 6100Bolt assembly
5213 5610Motor pulley assembly
5213 5610USMotor pulley assembly
TC510 6100
TC510 6101
5213 5610
TC680 4501AMotor pulley
GC300.11-6Motor pulley
TC682 4501Motor pulley
GC300.11-3Motor taper bushing
TC680 4503Washer
2213 6110AMotor base
5213 5610US
2213 6111USMotor pulley
2213 6112USMotor pulley
2613 6115USMotor pulley
2213 6114USMotor taper bushing
2213 6110USMotor base
2213 0001
TC510 YS-05Bracket
TC510 YS-06Pin
TC680 3604Retaining ring